Let’s Begin.

So – here it is. My very first post as montifresh, the #dancelifestyleblogger. Let me first start out by expressing my serious excitement for this project. I have felt an immense amount of inspiration recently. I mean like an overwhelming, annoying amount of inspiration. I’d be lying if I told y’all that my friends and I haven’t shared a couple of recent laughs at my obnoxious, passionate, and (without a doubt) sassy behavior.

I could start by dragging on and on about how this whole “blogger” thing came about, but I mean, isn’t it obvious? I’m nearly (but not quite) a college graduate, planning to move to NYC (the most expensive city in THE WORLD to live) in 2 months with no set job or “plan” (other than the three spunky girls I call my “future roomies”) and desire nothing more than love, art, adventure, and growth. Simple, eh? HA! Not quite. But definitely… interesting.

Long story LONG (you’ll learn that about me very quickly): I’ve noticed the majority of young adults in similar positions to myself have common questions, fears, aspirations, and general “WTF am I going to do” attitudes – So why don’t we do this together? Let’s maneuver through this godawful yet fascinating transition from a ‘student in the arts’ to a working, thriving, sustainable and PROFESSIONAL artist.