Hey Y’all!

My name is Montana Michniak (aka @montifresh) and I am here to document my journey of becoming a professional… whatever. I say “whatever” because, I am not quite sure which professional community fits the mold for my life, yet. For real, it’s happening! This is a #careerlifestyleblog that will assist any aspiring professional/recent college graduate to reach his or her longterm (never-ending) goal of making a career out of whatever it is we love most. Here, you’ll find all sorts of advice, tips, and straight-up, real-life experience happening right now. That’s the coolest part – I’m right there with y’all. Trying my very best to make this dream (that is still a little unclear) a reality.

I’m an artist. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. So here, I will share ways to express yourself through new means of being creative. I will also dabble with everything that our days as arists/healthy human-beings should consist of – from eating habits and daily exercise routines, to the do’s and don’t’s of interviewing and keeping that stable paying position. Most importantly, ways to keeping our mental health in a right and positive place. Oh, and right – HOW the heck to make enough money to sustain ourselves on the road to our hopefully one-day gratifying lifestyle choice! All along the way – remaining your best, happiest and healthiest YOU!

Cheers to that! Be prepared for all sorts of ups and downs. Now let’s do this thing! Merdé to us ALL!

Here’s a little bit of background information so you know who the heck you’re even listening to & following —

I am originally from Dallas, Texas (hence the accent hehe) where I received my formal dance training from Michelle Stafford (Next Step Dance and Performing Arts Center) and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. I was a 2013 YoungArts finalist in Modern Dance where I received the Silver Award and was nominated as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. I was one of four females wait-listed for the Juilliard Class of 2017. I decided to further my dance education at the University Level at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA under the direction of Ruben Graciani. I held the title of 2015-2016 Parsons Dance First Female Apprentice under the direction of David Parsons in New York City. I graduated a year early (April 2016). Currently, I live in Pittsburgh, PA as a freelance stylist, dancer, waitress, sub-par bartender, girlfriend, proud puppy mom, and blogger, I suppose!

As for the rest? Well, it’s being written right here! Enjoy 🙂



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